The capital markets
are complex.

Being public raises
difficult questions.

  • “How do we make our company stand out?”
  • ”How do we keep expectations in line?”
  • “How do we attract the right investors?”

With more than 200 years of collective experience in capital markets—in investor relations, equity research and investment management—our team has informed answers based on deep, real-world experience.

We’ve seen what works …

and what doesn’t.

Our programs help our clients

  • raise their profiles in the investment community,
  • set and manage expectations effectively, and
  • build credibility with the Street.

Our Approach

Investors have a growing universe of choices.

Fund managers are under increasing pressure to find alpha while minimizing risk.

You need to stand out and your story needs to be clearly articulated. How will you create value and why is it sustainable?

High-quality investor relations can change the way your company is perceived and valued.

“How will you create value and why is it sustainable?”

We believe the winning formula
has four key components:


High-quality disclosure

Present strategic roadmap and key milestones

Facts not fluff

News flow to support strategy execution


Consistency of message and metrics

Regular contact with top shareholders

Accept and use street feedback


Avail­ability in good times and tough times

Quarterly non-deal roadshows

High-value investor events

Responsive­ness and high service level


Tell a story to promote recall

Avoid the myth of everything

Evidence that supports claims

Using this formula, we help companies chart a path to success in the capital markets through customized communications programs that combine strategic advice with hands-on execution from senior practitioners.

Expertise: Full-service investor relations

You went public for a reason.

You want to maximize the value of your listing by achieving a fair and full valuation and ready to access to capital.

Our programs support these objectives. We help companies go to market with a clear and differentiated message, find the right audience for their story, and implement a high-quality ongoing communication plan.

Communicate with impact

With thousands of listed issuers and countless investment products, it’s harder than ever for companies to stand out. We understand how the investors and analysts think and we understand how to create impactful, well-told stories.

  • Corporate messaging
  • Investor presentations
  • Investor fact sheets
  • Comprehensive quarterly earnings support including scripting and Q&A prep
  • Financial and operational press releases
  • IR website content & messaging

Connect with the Street

We leverage our deep relationships, networks, and knowledge of the capital markets to expand the audience for our clients.

  • 12-month IR marketing plan
  • Non-deal roadshows
  • Sell-side analyst outreach
  • Investor targeting and outreach
  • Analyst days and high-value investor events
  • Financial media
  • Proprietary LodeRock events

Act on insight

What do investors think of our strategy? Who is buying our stock? We provide qualitative and quantitative market intelligence that enables our clients to make better-informed decisions.

  • Roadshow feedback
  • Perception studies
  • Quarterly Board packages
  • Trading reports
  • Ownership tracking and analysis
  • Detailed consensus reporting
  • IR program reporting

Navigate with sound advice

We understand that companies sometimes face unique challenges and special situations. We have helped companies navigate nearly every situation – good and bad – and we will tap into the collective expertise of our group to deliver the best advice and execution for our clients.

  • IR strategy development
  • Crisis/issues management
  • Guidance strategy and expectations management
  • Capital markets strategy

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Our People


Unlike a typical consulting firm, LodeRock was founded with the belief we could achieve better outcomes by having senior practitioners managing all clients directly and limiting the number of companies we represent.


We’ve assembled Canada’s most experienced capital markets communication team, comprised of senior professionals from investor relations, equity research, and investment management. This combination of backgrounds allows us to bring a diverse perspective and unique insights to each client engagement.

Craig Armitage
Craig Armitage
David Feick
David Feick
Nick Hurst
Nick Hurst
Adam Peeler
Adam Peeler
James Bowen, CFA
James Bowen, CFA
Dennis Fong
Dennis Fong, CFA
Mark Kuindersma
Mark Kuindersma, CFA
Mike Polonsky
Mike Polonsky

Lawrence Chamberlain
Lawrence Chamberlain
Tim Foran
Tim Foran
Ross Marshall
Ross Marshall
Jonathan Ross, CFA
Jonathan Ross, CFA
Marc Charbin
Marc Charbin, CPA, CA, CFA
Emily Gibbs
Emily Gibbs
Dave Mason
Dave Mason, CFA

Why LodeRock

Your public listing is an asset. Trust it to a team that has the right experience, influence and focus.


Experience informs advice. We are the most experienced team of capital markets communicators in Canada. Our principals have 15+ years each in investor relations and/or the capital markets, including equity research and portfolio management. We have seen it all, from missed guidance to hostile takeovers.


If you want to influence the way your company is viewed and valued, open and regular dialogue with the investment community is a must. We are well connected and respected in the capital markets and have strong relationships with analysts, money managers and investment advisors. These relationships – combined with data and research – ensure our clients have what they need to make informed decisions.


We are not a typical consulting firm. Our client list is deliberately exclusive, so you will have the dedicated attention of a senior team. As unique situations arise, we tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the broader group to deliver the best advice and execution for our clients.